When Homeschooling Feels Not Enough

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When Homeschooling Feels Not Enough

Have you ever worried that your child isn’t doing enough? Maybe they get through their school work quickly or maybe it isn’t as neat as you would like it. Does this make you feel like they aren’t being challenged or taking their homeschooling seriously?


I am guilty of it, sometimes we can get school done in about an hour and a half. I find myself stressing that we didn’t do enough, they aren’t learning enough or being challenged enough. I sometimes find myself researching different methods, more curricula, or adding more work to our plate.

It seems to me that we are so stuck in that traditional school mentality where struggle equals learning. But that isn’t the case. Isn’t one of the driving reasons we homeschool so our kids can relax and be able to learn at their own speed and level.

Nontraditional Learning

As I wrote yesterday in our post about nontraditional learning, our children are constantly learning. We need to catch ourselves taking the joy out of learning and making education hard work. Catch yourself comparing your homeschool to other homeschoolers who excel in a certain area that you know nothing about or your kids have no interest in. Catch yourself comparing yourself to traditional school, just because all fourth graders in traditional school know multiplication and division doesn’t mean you can’t go backward and make sure your child has a good foundation in addition and subtraction. So what your child can finish their math lesson in ten minutes, you are making sure there are no gaps and they will get to it because isn’t that where you are headed?

Stop Comparing and Persecuting

Instead of comparing and persecuting yourself and your homeschool notice all the things that are going right. It doesn’t have to be how much you are on grade level. It has more to do with the joy and good that is going on in your family. Maybe your child fixed their bed in the morning without being prompted or made their own breakfast without making a mess. Maybe they went an hour without fighting with each other, or you had a successful trip to the grocery store without any temper tantrums or bribes. Maybe they were able to write a poem all on their own or get their math worksheet done in 15 minutes or maybe you all just enjoyed watching a movie together. These are all things to take stock of and be grateful for. These are all clues that you are doing enough.




Are you a homeschooler? Have you ever felt like you lacked the support you needed to homeschool? I would love to hear from you so comment down below!

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Have you ever worried that your child isn't doing enough? Does this make you feel like they aren't being challenged or taking their homeschooling seriously?


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