When Tears Hit Your Homeschool

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When Tears Hit Your Homeschool


When Tears Hit Your Homeschool

It happens, your kids get in their feelings, they get frustrated, and tears come.  Do you think they do it on purpose? Do you think they want to be crying so they can get out of their school work or because they are out to get you? I mean the thought crosses my mind sometimes but honestly, we know there is more going on when tears hit your homeschool.

Tears in your homeschool

We know that tears are an indication that something is wrong; something is incredibly wrong. Usually, tears come when all other measures have been exhausted, and we are at the end of our rope. Tears signify pain whether emotional or physical. Emotional distress may be sheer frustration in the material; it may be a fear of making a mistake or not understanding. Real pain may be needing more sleep, exercise, hand hurting from pencil grip, or eyestrain.

What the tears in your homeschool mean

Tears are not a sign of being lazy or manipulation. Tears are a release of pent up emotion, frustration, exhaustion; it is the last-ditch effort. It does not signify failure. Tears tell us that comfort is needed.  Tears tell us it is time to take a break, and it is an excellent time to exercise your skills of being that support system. Acknowledge your child’s feelings and let them know it is okay to feel the way they think and you will try again later. Talk it out,  hug it out, dance it out, go out!

How to recover from tears?

When the feeling finally passes, when you and your child has regained your equilibrium and can focus again, it is the time to go back and find out where it all fell apart.

To find out where it fell apart, you have to put on your investigator cap and ask your child some questions.

  • Find out if they are afraid of making mistakes.
  • Ask if their hand hurts from pencil grip.
  • Are they having difficulty with a particular method or theory?
  • Do they want to play outside, would they be interested in doing school outside for a bit before or after some play time?
  • Are they tired or hungry?
  • Do they feel pressured?

Offer your child a snack, a hug, or just a listening ear and help your child through their anxiety, fear of failure, or confusion. Help yourself remember the ultimate goal of your homeschool. We want our children to be happy, confident learners and we can do this by being supportive.




What goes through your head when tears hit your homeschool?  Let me know in the comments below!

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When Tears Hit Your Homeschool

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