Where to Purchase Homeschool Curriculum

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I get it all the time, where do I get curriculum? Here are all my secrets to finding and purchasing curriculum.

Where to Purchase Homeschool Curriculum

I often receive this question, what homeschool curriculum should I use for my children, and where should I purchase it. It is such a difficult question to answer. As homeschoolers, we are in charge of how our children learn, and the best thing of all is that they also get a say. I recommend doing your research, downloading samples, trying things out, and of course, remember what is essential when choosing a curriculum for your homeschool and considering all the characteristics unique to you and your children. Where to purchase is easy. I am going to give you all the spots I purchase curriculum from, all the insider secrets. I will also update this post often to make sure it stays up to date. Before we begin sharing where to purchase a homeschool curriculum, please take a moment to pin this post to your homeschool board.

Buy Homeschool Curriculum Used

Buy it used! If you ever had to purchase textbooks for school, then you probably already know this, buying school books used is where it is at. Scour Facebook marketplace, check out the homeschool buy-sell groups on there as well, go to Goodwill, search on Amazon, and don’t forget about eBay and even Etsy when it comes to finding used curriculum. It can save you a ton of cash to buy a curriculum that has been used. Many homeschoolers are like me and make copies of the workbooks and textbooks to use with other children. If that curriculum no longer works for them, then they can resell it, make some money to try something new. You get the curriculum slightly too extensively cheaper. I call that a win-win! This is also a great option if a curriculum isn’t working for you. Once you are sure you are done with it, consider reselling it on any of these sites or places.

Go to the Publisher to Purchase Homeschool Curriculum

Go straight to the publisher. Maybe you have been eyeing that Math U See curriculum. Sometimes going straight to the publisher’s website is a GODSEND! First, you are given detailed information about the curriculum. You sometimes get placement tests, samples, and walkthroughs of the curriculum to make an informed decision. Sometimes, it is just simpler to go through the publisher and get everything you want right from the source.

Purchase Your Homeschool Curriculum From Amazon

Amazon, you know it, is usually our go-to for any things. When it comes to homeschool curriculum, Amazon is still a viable source. You can shop, read reviews, and get free shipping with Prime! Sometimes there are really great deals there, so it a good place to check out.

Purchase Your Homeschool Curriculum from Rainbow Resource

If you are a veteran homeschooler, then you have probably heard of Rainbow Resource. It is an amazing website that carries what feels like every curriculum known to man, plus learning toys and books and just everything! I usually find awesome deals here.

Check out the Homeschool Co-op for Homeschool Curriculum

The Homeschool Co-op is a website I found early on when I started homeschooling. They offer amazing deals on homeschool curriculum, including bundles on certain curriculum. Sometimes it is more affordable to go through them.

Getting Homeschool Curriculum

There are many ways to get a FREE curriculum, but that is a post for another time. No matter what curriculum you choose, free, purchased, or a mix of the two, do your research, don’t rush into a curriculum, and don’t compare what you are using to every other homeschooler. It is easy to watch all the hauls and want it all. Take a minute before purchasing to consider your child’s learning style, needs, and preferences if you download the curriculum and look for a way to print it all out affordably. I highly recommend the Homeschool Printing Company. They do an excellent job of printing at the highest quality, including laminating and binding, color, and black and white print as well, and they are super affordable. Make sure you order your prints in advance, though, because sometimes it takes slightly longer to receive. Every time I have ordered printing from The Homeschool Printing Company, it was worth whatever the wait was.

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