Why are Scissor Skills Important?

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Why are scissor skills so important?

It is so important to teach kids how to use scissors and I didn’t realize it until one day when I was reading about it! It is a complex task to learn but a definite essential.

Four reasons why scissor skills are important to practice:

1. It builds up the tiny muscles in their palm and hand since they have to continuously open and close the hand.

2. Cutting enhances eye-hand coordination. They must be able to see what they are cutting while moving their hand.

3. It encourages the child to use bilateral coordination. That means the child can use both sides of their body at the same time. For example, the child holds the paper and turns it in one hand while cutting with the other hand.

4. It prepares them for handwriting and using a pencil.

When and How to begin practicing scissor skills with your child?

Usually, between the ages of 2-3, your child will be ready to start using safety scissors. However, isn’t it terrifying to think about handing over a pair of scissors to your little learner? That is why I love our safety scissors because they only cut paper, they don’t cut hands, clothing, or even hair, so there are no worries. Oh! and they are perfect for both lefties and right-handed learners.

One way we began using scissors in our home was by cutting play-doh since it is soft and easy to cut. This may be difficult for your child, especially because this is a new activity for them. You will need to demonstrate how to cut and even take their hand and show them to put their thumb in one hole and the middle and ring finger on the bottom. You may want to ask and lead them into moving their hand in and out.

Modeling Scissor Skills

Modeling how to use scissors is your best bet. Also, make sure to double check to make sure they are comfortable with whichever hand they are using the scissors.

Roll the play-doh out like a snake and have our little learner cut it up into chunks. Make light impressions of shapes and have your child try to cut them out. Create light lines (like dashes) on the play-doh and have them follow them as they practice cutting. This will keep them engaged in the activity.

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Cutting Practice in Action

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Why are Scissor Skills Important? Tips for teaching your children scissor skills.

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