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Is Winter Starting to Drag On?

Is winter your favorite season? Are you looking for a way to enjoy every single moment of it? Maybe you are like me and currently entirely over winter. I mean, most of the fun of winter is surrounded by Christmas, which is over at the very beginning of the season. Either way, winter is still here, whether you love it or are over it. While it’s not going anywhere for a while, we can still make the most of it!

Be Present and Enjoy the Moments

That’s why we created a winter bucket list full of fun, family-friendly activities for the remainder of the season. This winter bucket list is a simple printable to throw on your fridge or in your planner to help make tracking the fun stuff easy.

Cozy, Crafty Activities for Everyone

We packed this list with cozy activities like baking a fresh loaf of bread, knitting by the fire, reading with mugs of hot cocoa, and cuddling up to watch movies. There are fun games and creative challenges, like building snow sculptures, making homemade maple syrup, and experimenting with ice and snow science. Winter doesn’t have to be boring!

Download Our Winter Bucket List Now

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Winter Bucket List

Make the next few months fun by downloading our free winter bucket list printable now! Keep track of your progress as you enjoy the little moments like playing board games, dancing to favorite tunes, and spending more time together.

Stay cozy and make magical memories with your free winter bucket list from us! Let’s cherish the rest of the season together.

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Winter Bucket List (Family Friendly)
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