Teaching Your Baby to Read with Your Baby Can Read

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Teaching Your Baby to Read with Your Baby Can Read

Your Baby Can Read

Today I am going to review one of the first products we ever used in our early learning journey, that product is Your Baby Can Read.

Say what you want about the product, when I originally started this blog, Your Baby Can Read was an “it” product. The infomercials were everywhere. You could find it on television at any time of the day or night. You were even able to purchase the kits in stores like Toys R Us and Bed Bath and Beyond.

In 2009, when I had my daughter I had seen those infomercials for the Your Baby Can Read program and even though I was a little bit skeptical I thought it was an interesting idea. I actually received the Your Baby Can Read set as a gift and I used it!

What Does the Your Baby Can Read Kit Include?

The kit included a set of books, 5 DVDs, flashcards, a first words book, and a word game.

The books are wonderful. They show the word on one page and then you lift that page and it shows an image to represent the word. It also has a sentence and suggestion to help teach that word. The only thing I would have changed about these books is that I wish they were a little bit more sturdy.

There is a collection of 5 DVDs, The Starter, Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 and Review. All of the DVDs show the word and then a moving image representing the word. They also include songs with lyrics and poems.

The flashcards are probably the kids’ favorites. They are flashcards that show the word and then you pull a tab and the image slides out. These are so much fun, we wish there were more of these! They have mini sliding books which we later purchased which are like the flashcards which are also very much loved.

The first words book is also a favorite because of the sliding words and images which makes this book more engaging than any other first words book.

The word game is basically a match game just with words, it is a fun game to play with toddlers and preschoolers.

Overall Thoughts on Your Baby Can Read:

Although looking back it isn’t the be-all-end-all in teaching babies and toddlers. It is, however, a decent learning tool and one I continue to use with my younger child. I even purchased the Your Child Can Read, and the Your Baby/ Child can Discover.

I credit this system to introducing me to teaching my babies and toddlers and inspiring me to look further and learn how to make learning fun for my kids.

While it can be argued that this program just teaches memorization, with the proper instruction from the parent or teacher phonics is a huge proponent in this program. Isabella used this product and was sounding out new words daily.

Where Can I Get Your Baby Can Read?

While you don’t see Your Baby Can Read (now known as Your Baby Can Learn) everywhere it can still be found on their website. It is still the same great material and overall we have truly loved using it. I can see the objection with screen time but the amount of screen time used with this program is about 3o minutes a day. This program isn’t all about videos, while they are a big part of it they aren’t the only thing. The flashcards, books, and games are wonderful resources on there own. While Your Baby Can Learn doesn’t make your child a genius and you obviously don’t NEED it to educate them, it is a great tool.

Check us Out Using Your Baby Can Read:

Here is Isabella at 13 months reading or reciting the words from the flashcards. I say reading because she was able to sound out new words already.

Here is Anthony at 2 years old recognizing words from the videos


Have you used Your Baby Can Read/ Your Baby Can Learn? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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Teaching Your Baby to Read with Your Baby Can Read


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