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Z on Location teaches kids about the importance of being present.

Z on Location

If your child loved ‘The Real Z’, they will love the next installment in this series, ‘Z on Location’. As a blogger and You Tuber, both Isabella and I really enjoy this series. I personally loved how it teaches kids to be present and not always focused on sharing their Instagram worthy moments in real time. Instead, focus on actually enjoying moments and learning from them. Life is about living it after all.

Z on Location teaches kids about the importance of being present.Z on Location the Book

Z on Location written by J.J Howard takes us on an adventure with Z and her mom. Z’s mom is filming a documentary and needs Z as her official assistant. Z is completely stoked about this road trip with her mom because it is going to be ah-mazing and she loves her mom and learning all about filming from her. She may even get to interview her vlogging idol, Winter Costello, at VidCon! Z is super excited to share her #summeradventure with her crew and fans. Documenting as much as possible for her channel and social media sites. Z always has her phone and camera ready for action. But, she finds that working on a real film set takes a lot more focus than she anticipated. When her obsession with staying connected online threatens her chances at meeting her idol, Z has to shape up and disconnect. Z goes on a journey and learns a lesson most of us need to learn. Can Z survive disconnected from the virtual world and learn to #liveinthemoment?

Z on Location the Review

‘Z on Location’ is an adventure between mother and daughter, that both are excited to have. As a mom spending time with your children as they grow older, is sometimes too few and far between. Z and her mom bond over filmmaking and are excited to go on this adventure to create an official documentary. Z gives up a “chill” summer in Seattle to travel around with her mom as her official assistant.  There are moments of fun and laughter, and struggle and growth. Z learns to grow from disappointment as a daughter and a person, but that is not all Z learns an even greater lesson. This book is a great sequel to the previous ‘The Real Z’, however, you do notice a difference in the writing and even subtle differences between the Z Crew and Z’s Crew. I truly enjoyed this book as a parent, but Z does have the persona of an older girl rather than a typical 12-year-old. We really like this character and her stories because it is relatable to kids today and it teaches really great lessons.

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Z on Location teaches kids about the importance of being present.


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