Welcome Back, Elfie! 10 Customizable Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

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Welcome Back, Elfie! 10 Customizable Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

Oh my goodness, it’s that magical time of year again for Elfie to return from the North Pole! My kiddos live for the arrival of our family Elf on the Shelf. Her daily antics and silly surprises are a cherished part of our Christmas season.

Seeing your children’s faces light up with wonder and excitement when they discover where Elfie landed overnight fills your heart with joy, too. You’ll love these ten customizable elf-on-the-shelf arrival letters!

What Are Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters?

Elf-on-the-shelf arrival letters allow your elf to announce their arrival from the North Pole in a personalized letter addressed to your kids. Children can discover the magical letter waiting for them first thing in the morning when Elfie returns.

The Best Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters Printable

I’ve created a free printable with 10 elf arrival letter templates that you can easily customize with your own elf’s name. You only need to print or save the digital file and simply write in your elf’s name!


Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

The letters are written from the elf’s perspective in a friendly, playful tone, perfect for building the excitement leading up to Christmas. You’ll also love that there’s a variety of 10 templates, so your elf’s arrival doesn’t seem repetitive year after year.

Ideas for Using Your Elf on the Shelf Arrival Letters

Once you’ve printed or downloaded these editable elf-on-the-shelf letters, you can…

  • Leave the letter on the counter or kitchen table
  • Tape to the bathroom mirror
  • Roll up with ribbon and place in Christmas tree
  • Use refrigerator magnets to display on appliance
  • Leave near the elf landing spot
  • Fold into paper airplane near the elf

You can get creative with presenting your personalized letter from your family’s magical elf!

Spread Some Holiday Cheer!

I hope these ten customizable elf-on-the-shelf arrival letters help provide a touch of extra whimsy and anticipation for your Christmas countdown. Watching the kids eagerly race around the house searching for Elfie’s surprise landing spot is sheer nostalgic goodness!

If you love these printable elf letters, be sure to Pin and share this post so other homeschooling families can brighten their holidays, too.

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