Halloween Pumpkin Mask Craft

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Halloween Pumpkin Mask Craft

Did you catch our countdown to Halloween craft? If not you can check it out here. The next craft we are creating is a pumpkin craft. Making a fun mask to play around with during the Halloween season is so much fun! We did this craft years ago with construction paper and it came out pretty good if you want a more durable and comfortable mask we recommend using foam sheets which you can find at your local office supply or craft store. Before we make the craft, please take a moment to pin this to your crafts board.

Supplies for Pumpkin Mask

What you will need:

You most likely have all the supplies you need already in your home, if you don’t, a quick run to your local drugstore or office supply store should be able to supply you with all you need, however, I have included affiliate links to Amazon where you can purchase everything you will need.

orange foam sheet (or orange construction paper)

green foam sheet (or green construction paper)




black marker

ribbon or string

Pumpkin Mask Instructions

What to do:

  1. First sketch out a pumpkin shape. It is just the very top of the pumpkin, think deformed heart-shape.
  2. Cut out the sketch, Remember bigger is better you can always trim it later.
  3. Next, trace and cut the stem shape out of the green foam.
  4. Now, glue the stem onto the orange pumpkin shape. Trim stem if necessary.
  5. Try to figure out where to place the eyes so you can see out of it! Draw triangles for the eyes and an upside-down triangle for the nose.
  6. Trim if needed, draw lines for the details of the pumpkin.
  7. Cut out the centers of the triangles.
  8. Place a little hole on each side, at eye level.
  9. String ribbon or string through the holes.



13 Days of Halloween Pumpkin Mask Tutorial

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